Tara Raine Bloyd

So I think I'm one of the few people in the world (or at least the World-Wide Web) who doesn't have at least one picture of myself up for everyone's perusal. Why? Well, for several reasons. First, I'm lazy. Even though we have a perfectly good scanner at work, it would still take too much effort to actually find a picture and scan it in. Second, I don't really think anyone needs to know what I look like. You know the old saying "On the internet nobody knows you're a dog"? Well, I could be one, or I could be the most stunning example of human perfection you've ever had the chance to witness.... You can decide, but if you think about either option too long you might want to wonder why it is that appearances matter so much to you. Finally, though, I really enjoy the above pictures -- I find them calming, and thought other people might also.

I'm not quite sure whether it'd be worse if I was nominated one of the Babes of the Net, or if I wasn't mentioned at all -- so I'll just not even invite the option! Thus, rather than showing you what I look like, I'll instead try to share a little about what I am like.

Eek! The world should be scared -- my brother's now online!

First, the basics:

Then, a bit about what I like...

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Ooooookay, so you made it all the way down here... I'm impressed. I just told a friend that my home page is long... and he said that when it was short, it was "more indicative of the real Tara." Then my fiance chimed in with the comment that at least I didn't tell many tall tales. People are so very kind to me....