Tara R. Bloyd

Please note that I am not in the job market right now. Really, truly NOT. I leave the resume up only so people don't get a 404, but I'm quite happily staying busy caring for our sons and working to grown NearSea Naturals, where you'll find "Everything you need to sew, Naturally!" Good luck finding the right candidates for any job openings, though. (Note that as of December, 2001, I'm still happily at home and not anticipating this changing for the next several years. I mention this only because I've gotten several emails lately asking if I've changed my mind. Nope, but thanks for checking.)


Technical Experience with Perl, Tcl/Tk, HTML, basic shell scripting. Familiarity with most common operating systems, including SunOS, Solaris 2.5, Linux, Windows NT, Windows 95, MacOS, and HPUX. Comprehensive working knowledge of ClearCase as used in the build and patch process; theoretical knowledge of ClearCase administration. Experience designing layout and content for inter- and intranet web sites.
Other Excellent written and verbal communication skills; experienced technical writer, with strong skills in typesetting, formatting, presenting, and editing. History of both teamwork and independent projects, as well as administration and management. Organized, capable, and motivated, with proven sales and marketing experience.
SCOPUS TECHNOLOGY (now Siebel Systems)
1997 - 1999
Software Engineer, Configuration Management
Responsible for complete and incremental builds, both daily and numbered, of Scopus products on several platforms (MacOS, WinNT, HPUX, Solaris) using ClearCase by Rational (Atria). Communicate code and process errors to development team and redesign processes as necessary. Perform preliminary QA on MacOS and NT versions. Design and create necessary CM documentation, and train other CM Engineers in build processes.

1996 - 1997
Sales Manager, Western Region
Responsibilities included all Western Region customer contact and sales, as well as developing and implementing a sales strategy for Java-based Internet start-up. Shared responsibility for involved beta cycle and conversion of beta customers. Participated in development of forecasts, pricing, and marketing strategies. Edited and prepared corporate documentation.

1995 - 1996
Territory Manager
West Coast Territory Manager for technical sales and marketing of Internet software. Targeted and managed Fortune 500 and government accounts, including Apple Computer, Alaska Airlines, and the DMV, with clients ranging from MIS directors to the VAR channel. Exceeded quota by minimum ten percent each quarter, as it rose from $600,000 to $1,600,000 within a year. Shared responsibility for corporate web server and product brochures.

Various on- and off-campus jobs and activities, 1989-1995


Rational University

Scopus Training
  • Introduction to Tcl/Tk
  • Scopus Administration

University of California, Berkeley
Anthropology and English; honors in archaeology.

References available upon request.